sleep support

We're specialists in EEG (electro­encephalography) and audio tech­nology. We've examined several thousand EEG recordings and medical reports about persons who sleep well and not so well.

From that we developed a powerful method for audio recordings to help you sleep better.

Our solution:

  • Put a Biofield Deep Sleep mp3 recording on a phone, a tablet or a computer.
  • Get comfortable earphones. Head band phones work well.
  • Put the phone into airplane mode.
  • When you're ready to sleep, play the file. You'll just hear a pleasant little river noise. Put the volume so that you can just barely hear the noise. This is important: don't turn up the volume!
  • Relax, think of nothing important, let yourself go. In 10-15 minutes you are solidly asleep. After some training, you're asleep within 2-5 minutes.
  • Results are even better after several months.

Results: Here is what we've seen after just one month's use:

  • you fall asleep faster
  • you sleep better
  • you have more energy when you wake up

Main features of Biofield Deep Sleep audio support files:

  • quiet operation. no spoken induction
  • all-night support
  • sophisticated binaural technology
  • you can order a personalized file
  • you can order a personal, six-month support program

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